The white house has to answer questions about the scandal surrounding Rob porter

The head of the Secretariat of the White house, resigned after allegations of domestic violence

At the White house on Thursday came under a barrage of questions about why were not promptly dismissed the assistant to the President trump Rob porter and did not receive a permanent permit from the security service, who resigned after the allegations of domestic violence by two of his former wives.

Porter resigned on Wednesday after media published a picture of one of his ex-wife, Colby Holderness, who said that her husband hit her in 2005 during a vacation in Florence.

Porter, who received a Rhodes scholarship and studied at the law faculty of Harvard University, worked in the White house as chief of staff and helped staff chief John Kelly to select the articles and proposals to be referred to the President of the trump.

The media has frequently appeared image in which porter sends various documents to the President for signature. He also participated in the drafting of recent cases “About the situation in the country.”

As reported by CNN a few months ago became aware of the allegations of domestic violence made against porter Colby Holderness and his second wife, Jenny Willoughby, and in 2010 he received the court order prohibiting him to approach her. Women spoke about the violence by the porter, when the FBI conducted regular checks against him, and as a result he received only a temporary clearance.

After this week the British tabloid Daily Mail reported on allegations of women to the porter and his current relationship with the Director of White house public relations hope Hicks, a spokesman for the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kelly spoke out in his defense.

Kelly, in his statement, called porter a “man of true integrity and honor.” “I can list his positive qualities are endless. He’s a good friend, confidant, and reliable professional. I am proud that I had the opportunity to work with him,” said Kelly.

However, after the publication of photos of Holderness with a black eye Kelly made a petition for porter’s resignation, although his departure date is not appointed yet.

“I was shocked today introduced new accusations against Rob porter, said Kelly on Wednesday evening. In our society no place for domestic violence. I stand by my previous comments about Rob porter, how I recognized him since the inauguration, and I believe that every person deserves the right to protect his reputation. Today I accepted his resignation, and we will provide the transfer of responsibilities to the new employee in the ordered regime.”

The white house on Wednesday declined to comment on the fact that Kelly was aware of the accusations against porter.

Porter, in resigning, has rejected allegations of domestic violence.

“These outrageous allegations are simply false, he said in a statement. – Photos that have been transferred to the media, I have removed almost 15 years ago, and in fact they depict is not what was approved. I acted openly in a situation with these charges, but I will not publicly respond to this coordinated campaign of defamation”.