The foreign Ministry called arise in the media version of “cocaine case” speculation

MOSCOW, 28 Feb — RIA Novosti. Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov believes that the last stuffing around the situation with “cocaine business” connected with the intention to tarnish relations between Russia and Argentina.

“Invention and manufacture of all the details that cluttered this situation, people are doing that charged initially on seeking out the negative and inventing fables, by and large, focused on the denigration of productive and largely unprecedented cooperation that made possible the disclosure of the circumstances of this high profile case,” said Ryabkov.

As Ryabkov said, “people fill the pages of their blogs, airtime some channels what they used to do, and that is inventing all sorts of nonexistent versions of some of the options as they thought would happen — completely detached from reality and has no relation to reality”.

“No distractions of recent days, which we have seen, have no relation to the real case in terms of all the speculation about what supposedly happened at the beginning of the operational work of the Argentine colleagues, intelligence services, and only then the Russian side has joined. This was exactly the opposite,” — said Deputy foreign Minister.

According to him, arguments about the alleged involvement of certain structures that are not mentioned in the official review Center of public relations of FSB and the Russian foreign Ministry in this matter — “it is a malicious slander and speculation from the category of fake news”.

“I don’t see any reasonable reason to continue the discussion of this topic. Investigative actions are carried out. What happens around that is a question for law enforcement agencies”, — said the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry.

The Argentine authorities earlier reported that during a joint operation of special services of Russia and Argentina managed to stop the delivery to Moscow of 389 kilograms of cocaine and arrest in Argentina a few people, including members of the local police and a native of Russia. Bags of drugs found in the territory of the Russian Embassy, and about the discovery of the Argentine police told Russian diplomats.

The organizer of the group involved in the smuggling of cocaine from Argentina, hiding in Germany, he declared internationally wanted by Interpol, said on Monday the public relations Center of Federal security service of the Russian Federation. The Tver court of Moscow arrested in absentia Andrey Kovalchuk as one of the defendants in the case about the attempt of drug smuggling from Argentina. According to the newspaper La Nacion, the helper, whom the publication calls “Mr. C.”, lives in Berlin, he was born in 1968 and works as a sales representative tobacco company Habanos.