The Director of the FBI: checking against Rob porter was completed in July

Earlier, the White house said that intelligence agencies never returned the former head of the office accused of domestic violence

The FBI Director Christopher ray said Tuesday that his Agency at the end of July last year, finished checking the former head of the office of the White house Rob porter, who was forced to resign after two ex-wives accused him of domestic violence.

Verification is needed to gain access to materials marked “confidential” and are all, without exception, members of the administration. According to accepted in the US intelligence services rules, aggressive behavior in the family may be cause for denial of admission.

Last week the White house announced that FBI and other intelligence agencies never returned the head office. The announcement of Christopher ray made at the hearings in the Senate intelligence Committee, refutes the official version of the administration.

“I am fully confident that in this particular case, the FBI followed the existing rules,” said ray.

The White house has not commented on the statement of the head of the security services.

Rob porter worked in administration on the basis of a temporary permit, which allowed him to get acquainted with secret information.

According to Christopher ray, a preliminary report concerning porter was prepared in March of last year, and in late July, the test was completely finished. In November, the FBI conducted additional testing.

“In January, we closed the case in accordance with administrative rules, said, speaking in the Senate, Christopher ray. – Earlier this month we received additional information and also gave her purpose.”

The head of the FBI refused to answer the question of whether the White house informed of the accusations against porter.

“I can’t disclose that information,” said ray.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Tuesday that the staff of the office of security of the White house regarded the FBI regarding porter last year. However, she said that at the time, when porter resigned, the staff of management has not yet completed the review of the documents for verification and have not given employees a higher level of recommendations on this issue.