Defective devices cause 60 fires a week’


Defective household appliances, especially washing machines and dryers account for up to 60 house fires a week in the UK, consumer group Which? said.

He said the number of fires has been about the same each year for five years.

It wants the government created a plan to solve the problem within three months after an office for product safety.

However, the manufacturers have asked the question, some of the data, What? used.
Government presents new product-safety office
Truth is, fires and dryer Are household appliances safe?

The group of consumers wants a reform of the UK product-safety system, after a series of fires, including including Grenfell tower tragedy, which was started by a faulty fridge freezer.

A separate shortage of 5.3 million clothes dryers under the Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit brands, has been in front of in 2015, and has reportedly led to hundreds of fires since 2004.

The Commons Business Committee recently described the reaction of the hot tub, the owner of the trademarks, as “deplorable”, and said it was unacceptable that more than a million dryers were potentially dangerous even in the homes of the people.’The First Step’

The? to get a number of freedom of information requests to fire authorities and the home office to have an impression of the extent of the faulty device fires in the UK.

It was found that defective kitchen was accounted for by equipment almost 16,000 fires in the UK since 2012.

He said, broken washing machines and dryers accounted for 35% of fires, followed by herds and ovens (11%), dishwashers (10%), fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers (8%).

The? called on the government to declare a new office for product safety, the extent of product safety risks and what to do, he planned to prevent further plan fires in an action within 90 days.

Simon Blackburn, of the Local government Association, said: “This is only the first step. It is important that consumers have access to as much information as possible, and we ask you to create the office, which is an easily accessible, comprehensive database of recalled products.

“This would allow the consumers to have as complete a picture as possible about the safety of the products they buy, and should be supported by all manufacturers.””Real Teeth”

Rachel Reeves, the chair of the Business Committee, said: “we welcome the decision to create an office for product safety and Standards, we commit ourselves, the government must ensure that the real teeth and ensure that it leads to more and more people register their products, a better recall of the regime and, ultimately, to a reduction in the number of fires, the plague, so many homes and put lives in danger.”

A Department for economic Affairs, energy and industry strategy, the spokesman said: “The government’s top priority is to keep the people safe, that’s why last month, we decided to strengthen our approach further to that, the UK already has tough product safety system.”

Manufacturer hot tub in question, some of the data provided, What is? used.

“The government has pointed out that the accuracy of the fire and rescue Service incident data can not be guaranteed and should not be used to make judgments about some of the appliance makes or models,” it said.