“Autonomous Jihad” demonstrated in Kizlyar, a symptom of the crisis armed Islamic political movements, Islamic scholar

Moscow. 26 Feb. INTERFAX – Senior researcher of the Center for Caucasus and regional security MGIMO-University Nikolai Silayev believes that the frequent terrorist attacks committed by lone, committed by individuals, suggests that the existing radical Islamic groups are in deep crisis.

“Autonomous Jihad” – a symptom of the deep crisis of the armed Islamic political movements. But the crisis does not give reason for optimism. The old ways of fighting terrorism will work worse new yet to find it,” writes N. Silaev in his article published Monday in the journal “Expert”.

In his opinion, in connection with the distribution of such criminal acts, “the problem will consist not in how to ensure the loyalty of influential Islamic leaders and their supporters to the authorities, and to prevent inward, ghettoization Islamic communities.”

He believes that the focus on the Islamic agenda, even with all the reservations on the part of moderation, a greater distance between Muslims and the rest of the population.

“Our trend for “traditional” voluntary assimilation is not encouraged. In the North Caucasus, it does condemn, and sometimes persecuted”, – said N. Silaev.

In these circumstances, he said, the task of the authorities “not to appease Muslim activists, and to create a broad public participation mechanisms, which could deprive the denominational schisms of their current political relevance”.

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