Football: On the side of the fight the former Shakhtar fans, for our fans of “Dynamo”, – Surkis

President of Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis in the broadcast channel 2+2 has told about the reasons of cancellation of the trip to Mariupol on the match, for which the people of Kiev awarded a technical defeat.

“Dynamo” has tried to challenge the decision of the FFU to the CAS. But the court in Lausanne left the sentence in force.

“In may of 2017 I gathered the leaders of the FFU. I then said, if “Mariupol” will be released in the Premier League, will have to think about security. Especially for the Dynamo, considering that our fans were among the initiators of the revolution of Dignity. I had to make a trip to Mariupol was safe for my players and the club’s fans. Any sane person should understand that there can be provocations, because on that side of the war, the former Shakhtar fans. I’m not saying all, but many. On our side in a huge number of fight fans “Dynamo”.

In June we agreed that before every match in Mariupol we will consider each situation individually. It was approved, but not signed, what is our main mistake. We Pavelko agreed that the match will take in Kiev, and the match of “Veres” with “Shakhtar” in Donetsk. And the return match, December 2, we had to play in Mariupol. This initiative had to be Andriy Shevchenko.

After the award of the “Dinamo” technical defeat began to settle a match. Then we appealed and Pavelko said that you need to gather the leaders of all clubs and by voting to overturn the decision on technical defeat. If we agreed on a replay, I would guarantee security at the venue of the match. Guarantee from Pavelko I don’t need. “Mariupol” in this story played the role of younger brother. I haven’t talked about this with Akhmetov, but Pavelko kept telling me that he needs to resolve this issue with the President of Shakhtar, – said Surkis in the program “About football”.

We will remind, at the weekend, Dinamo lost the match of the Ukrainian championship “Veres” and increased the loss from Shakhtar to 6 points.

Also recall that the two recently freed from the captivity of militants, the ultras of “Dawn” Ovcharenko and Ahmerova was offered a job in the football Federation.