That Oscar for a film that I should see?

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This year the Oscars are almost here, and the odds are that you have not had the time to watch all of the nominated films. Yet.

And let’s be honest, it does not capture in the next 10 days. But don’t worry, we talked about a man who has.

Wings of Lead, the Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s film critic, gave her advice on what you should be spending your time between now and next Sunday the prizes.

And his first piece of advice is very simple: “Watch Out. It was my number in the film of 2017.”

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Jordan Peele’s horror, starring recent Bafta winner Daniel Kaluuya, speaks of a black man entering a white community that not all that it seems.

Ali says that it was a bit of a surprise entry in the best picture category.

“If you’ve already seen Out, there is Lady Bird, who is in the cinema today, and The Shape of Water”, says Newsbeat.

But there is a movie, according to Ali, you should have caught in the cinema when it came out last summer.

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“If you have not already seen, the largest television you can find the highest quality resolution you can, and watch Dunkerque.”

Fortunately, a lot of cinema show Oscar-nominated film still around for the awards.

But Ali doesn’t think Christopher Nolan WW2 epic win, because it was a summer blockbuster.

“I know this sounds stupid, but Dunkirk came out a little while ago.

“Oscar voters have short memories – and not just because some people think they are older than most of the voters.”


Two movies that came out recently, Three Billboards Outside Waste, Missouri, and the Shape of The Water, Wings tips for big wins.

“Recently, the best film award went to the more socially conscious movies.

“Light of the moon and the Reflectors have won the best film of the last two years, and The Land and the Revenant have won for best director.”

Three Posters is a woman who fights against his local police department for not properly investigating the rape and murder of his daughter.

In the meantime, The Shape of Water is a visually rich love story between a woman and a mythical creature amphibious.

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One advantage of the Ali’s work as a film critic is that you get to chat with the stars of all the great film – so who wants to win the best actor/actress awards?

“On A personal level, for best actress, you probably Saoirse Ronan,” he says.

“He is only 23 years old and she is so charming and a talented actor, that she will eventually win an Oscar.”

His appointment for his role in American coming of age film Lady Bird is already Irish actress’s third Oscar nod, even if he has yet to win.

“She is very funny. I like that she’s not tired yet – it’s only a laugh and having the time of his life.”

But Ali says that he thinks that the award will actually go to Frances McDormand for her role in the Three Billboards.

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And for the best Actor?

“If it’s not Gary Oldman, I will eat my proverbial hat,” says Ali.

“He is usually a villain. Here he is playing Winston Churchill, and is almost unrecognizable.

“The darkest hour is very Oscar – this is a real life story, this is a larger-than-life historical figure and is an actor who has always been good.

“I think the train is just going at such a speed that it would have been incredible if Gary Oldman doesn’t win the best actor award.”

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