Senate Democrats urged trump to toughen sanctions against Russia

Senators unhappy with the recent decision of the administration not to adopt new sanctions

Three influential democratic senators on Monday introduced a resolution calling on President trump’s greater use of new powers to impose sanctions against Russia under taken in last year’s bill.

A symbolic gesture on the part of senators Ben Cardin of Maryland, Sherrod brown of Ohio and Robert Menendez of new Jersey was another attempt of the Democrats to put pressure on the administration to trump in connection with its decision to delay implementation of the bipartisan bill on new sanctions against Russia, which the President reluctantly signed.

Adopted last month, the decision is not to adopt new sanctions against defense and intelligence sectors of the government Putin has angered Democrats, a reminder that a bill against which he voted only 5 congressmen, provides for the imposition of sanctions mandatory.

“The administration demonstrated a lack of seriousness in the presence of a clear threat to the stability of the whole country and even more evident of the determination of Congress is alarming and cannot continue,” said Cardin.

However, the legislation allows the administration to delay the introduction of new sanctions in connection with what the Minister of Finance Steve Mnuchin said that his office performs its work in terms of long-term sanctions, which in accordance with the requirements of the bill has compiled a list of Russian oligarchs.

All the sponsors play a Central role in decision-making on this issue: Senator Cardin participated in the drafting of the bill on sanctions as the lead Democrat on the Committee on international relations. Recently he again gave up the post to Menendez after his relationship ended an investigation into suspicions of corruption. Brown is the highest-ranking Democrat in the Committee on banks, who also participated in drafting laws on sanctions.