The Pentagon called the credit of the United States the long absence of the world wars

MOSCOW, February 3 — RIA Novosti. The prolonged absence of conflict on a world scale is a credit to the United States, according to nuclear doctrine, published yesterday by the Pentagon.

The document notes that the war with disastrous consequences between world powers was common before the era of nuclear deterrence.

“In the first half of the twentieth century, prior to the implementation of the American authorities, the doctrine of nuclear deterrence, 80 to 100 million people worldwide died as a result of the First and Second world wars, on average 30 thousand people”, — the document says.

It is emphasized that “nuclear potential of the United States has made a significant contribution to the deterrence of nuclear and non-nuclear aggression.”

“The subsequent lack of conflict between world powers has led to a significant and permanent reduction of war victims”, — stated in the doctrine.

The new nuclear doctrine of the USA illustrates the world in a much darker light than previous similar documents. Key to the document allotted to Russia, despite the fact that all the “usual suspects” in the face of China, Iran and North Korea also featured in the document.