Player of Villarreal was accused of assault and robbery – media

Defenders of Villarreal Ruben Semed filed serious charges. He is suspected of assaulting a man, causing him injuries and robbery.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the police received a statement from the man the address of the player. According to the victim, the Portuguese player, along with two unknown persons attacked him on Monday, February 12. The man was kidnapped, tied up with ropes and held against her will in the home of football. In addition, the kidnappers took away from the man the keys to the house and robbed him.

According to the statement the police made a search in the house Semed. It is noted that the Portuguese had already been arrested in December of last year for disorderly conduct at a nightclub.

Earlier it was reported that the English player was accused of racism and he will hire a specialist in lip-reading to prove his innocence.

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