BMW to produce Mini-electric car in China for the domestic market

BMW has announced that a new Chinese joint venture with Great Wall Motor is the supervision of the production of the Mini is the first electric model, which is due in 2019, for the Chinese market.

The production of the EV will be made in addition to the Mini-production efforts in Oxford, where the EV is.

Production at BMW, the existing joint venture in China, BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), offers BMW, the demand on the domestic market.

BMW sold 560,000 cars in China last year, while about 35,000 Minis the houses found in the same period of time. BMW Germany built 1.15 million cars in 2017.

So far, the plans for the new joint venture are only at the stage of a Declaration of intent, but BMW has hinted, more electric-Mini models on the way, which would also be made, by the Great wall.

The Mini Electric has been demonstrated by a concept revealed in the past year, and the first prototypes have been spotted since then, to start the test a year ago, 2019. The production model will be quieter from the idea, with the highly stylized body and yellow flashes on the outer probability is diluted.

BMW already has sites in three plants in China under BBA, two production, and a battery factory in Shenyang. In addition to the Mini-EV production announcement, these are always an increase in investment.

During the early stages of the Leaving process, the executives of BMW issued warnings about the future of the Mini Oxford plant, which is currently dealing with the demand for Minis in more than 110 markets.

A Mini spokesman told Autocar: “This announcement is out of the question Mini commitment to our UK facilities, as shown by our recent investment decisions, including the construction of the first electric Mini in Oxford.”

The spokesman could not elaborate on the brand’s plans after the first EV, however


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