Biathlon at the Olympics-2018: Online broadcast of the men’s relay 4×7,5 km

Today in South Korea’s Pyeongchang will host the men’s relay 4×7,5 km away. the contest will Start at 13:15, Kyiv time.

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This race will be the last in the Olympic program Pyeongchang 2018. The men’s team of Ukraine will try to finish disappointing for the Ukrainian biathlon situation in the current Olympics on a positive note (although, the hope is, frankly, a bit).

Before all biathlon competitions ended for the Ukrainian team failed. Women’s team yesterday repeated his Olympic – record-11th place (formerly the same place Ukrainka held in Turin-2006).

In the overall relay standings at the world Cup men’s team of Ukraine occupies 10th place. Leader of Norway, followed by France and Sweden.

The race will start on 23 February at 13:15 in Kiev. To watch biathlon at the Olympics-2018 on the channel “NTU”.