Terrible state of Lukyanovka jail showed reporters

In Kiev February 21, Lukyanivka prison opened the doors to journalists, media representatives saw with their own eyes the conditions in which prisoners are.

It is reported by the Informant.

“Detention center on Lukyanovka has long been famous outside of Ukraine to the inhuman conditions. Prisoners have repeatedly won the case and received compensation. The state has paid more than a million euros“, – notes the edition.

It should be noted that the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov has said about the need to build a new detention center, but while in old buildings undergoing major renovation.

“This building was built in 1859. But it seems that has not been renovated since then. Here the old communication, from the walls, spilling paint on the ceiling fungus. At the entrance to the building is heard an unpleasant smell. Prisoners sleep on iron, and sometimes even broken beds. In one of the camera guys showed reporters a thermometer — it is only 11 degrees,“ – told journalists.

In many areas the Windows have no glass, despite the fact that the window today, 1 degree Celsius.

In the detention center are two and a half thousand people and 60% of those who have not yet passed sentence. People can be innocent, but suffer from the inhuman conditions of detention.

However, repair is already underway, it started with the body, which in 2014 is closed. He was operated since 1989 and it contained women. Work is being done major. The repair will take three and a half to five million.

“Everything is changing. In place of the old door, horror, put a new iron. Wooden Windows are replaced with plastic. Instead of holes in the floor and iron sanitary ware will put ceramic toilets and sinks. The furniture is also new. In addition, all the cameras are equipped with air conditioning and plasma TVs“, – told reporters the official.

After the repair is here to move prisoners from other blocks. This room can seat up to 110 people.

Recall that in late October of 2017, it has Become known, in which the jail is located Zaitseva, who was driving a Lexus, who shot down six people in Kharkov.