In Nikolaev increased the number of hospitalized with suspected hepatitis a

In Nikolaev in hospital hospitalized 55 adults and 22 children with suspected hepatitis a, the diagnosis was confirmed in 55 people. This was reported on the website of the Directorate of health care of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

“In the regional infectious diseases hospital there are 55 patients. Of them confirmed the diagnosis in 38 people. Another 22 children are in regional children’s infectious diseases hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed in 17 children”, – is told in the message.

In the Nikolaev regional administration say that the situation is under control.

We will remind, yesterday there was information on 72 hospitalized with suspected hepatitis And in Nikolaev.

Earlier it was reported that the cause of hepatitis And in Nikolaev, according to a number of conclusions began to water from the spill points. Later in the local Hospitible said that will check all sellers of drinking water on tap. The health Ministry said the epidemic of hepatitis A in Ukraine.

Hepatitis a is an acute infectious disease of the liver caused by hepatitis A. the Most common way of transmission of hepatitis A is food and water. The virus is easy to catch if not to observe elementary rules of hygiene: not washing hands, bad processed foods, use of common utensils and the like. Manifested in the form of intoxication and jaundice does not cause chronic lesions.