Forced to smell the “burnt toast”: Google dedicated a Doodle to famous neurosurgeon

Another Google Doodle dedicated to the 127-th birthday canadian neurosurgeon and writer Wilder Penfield.

Of the Wilder Penfield contemporaries called “the most famous living canadian” for his achievements in the use of methods of neurosurgery for treatment of epilepsy. Also, the Penfield is the first neurosurgeon of Montreal, who in 1934 founded the Montreal neurological Institute.

Until 1950 he experimented with the use of electric probes for the treatment of convulsive activity of the brain at that time, the patient was conscious. This procedure, called the “Montreal procedure”, has led to even more significant discovery — the ability to stimulate certain parts of the brain to resurrect some memories, for example, the smell of burnt toast (that’s reflected in today’s Doodle).