Biathlon at the Olympics: France wins mixed relay, Ukraine – the seventh

At the Olympic winter games held in Pyeongchang mixed relay in biathlon.

Winning the race was won by the French team, whose leader Martin Fourcade in the end of the race caught up with the German Pifer. But after a penalty lap at the German after the last shooting in the victory of Fourcade of doubt remained. Silver went to the Norwegian team, which was able to show incredible speed, finished the race with a penalty and 11 penalties. Third place at the finish suffering today Pifer pulled out Italian Dominik Windisch.

The Olympics, the biathlon mixed relay

1. France 1:08:34.32. Norway +20.93. Italy +26.94. Germany +27.25. Byelorussia 55.56. Finland +1:03.97. Ukraine +1:12.18. Czech Republic +1:39.39. SAR +2:14.810. Austria +2:22.2

Ukraine showed itself not the best way. But flops mixed relay in the performance of our team can not be called. Shot Ukrainian team with five penalties. But the speed quite well were able to show only varvynets and Jim gets closer to the leaders.

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