The death of a student in Kiev investigating as incitement to suicide

Kiev local Prosecutor’s office â„– 9 beginning of the procedural management in criminal proceedings on the fact of suicide of the student of NMU. A. p. Mukkadas Nasyrlaev from Turkmenistan. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv. “Published in mass media of information on such a thing the girl was able to push the difficulties that had occurred to her while studying in higher education, and also because of a misunderstanding with his leadership. In this regard, in ERGR included information on signs of the crime under part 1 of article 120 (incitement to suicide) of the criminal code of Ukraine“, – said the Prosecutor’s office. It should be noted that on the morning of February 19 on the website of the medical University in has published the message that Mukkadas Nasyrlaev was expelled from the NMU. Bogomolets actually “retroactively“. “Mukaddas was expelled from the NMU for violation of immigration laws. The validity of her visa expired 17.12.2017. By this time Nasyrlaev have not issued and do not have gone to Turkmenistan to obtain a new visa. 18 Jan medical University announced the termination of the contract with Mukaddas Nasyrlaev on grounds of violation of student immigration laws, January 24, she was a second time personally notified of the signing of the order of dismissal from the University because the situation has not changed,“ – said the administration of the University. Family lawyer student Rovshanbek of Rozmetov claims that she jumped from the bridge in Kiev after high school, she refused to issue the statement required for the renewal of the residence permit. About this he wrote in Facebook. As it turned out, the Dean’s office on work with foreign students of NMU. The petitioner had not submitted the documents Muqaddas to the migration service to obtain a residence permit. A week before the disappearance Mukaddas Embassy of Turkmenistan asked her to bring endorsed by the Dean of faculty a statement of assistance in resolving the issue of residence permit in Ukraine. “The Deputy Dean for work with foreign students of NMU. Bogomolets Timokhina Tatiana not even reading the statement, broke it and gave it Mukaddas in hand, informing her that she would not sign anything,“ said the lawyer, specifying the circumstances of the incident to the Public. Recall that Muqaddas was the head of the group, simultaneously translated into English lectures for students, studied at the dentist. After it became known that the student of the medical University Bogomolets, Mukadas Nasyrlaev committed suicide by jumping off a bridge Paton, divers looking for her body.