Suicide foreign students: the University suspended the Dean

The leadership of the University. Bogomolets Monday, February 19, discharged of fulfillment of duties of the Deputy Dean for work with foreign students during the investigation of the situation with the missing student from Turkmenistan. This was reported on the website of the University.

Dean alleged she wrote a statement.

“The statement of the Deputy Dean Timokhina T. A. regarding the removal is granted. The corresponding order was signed on 19 February 2018 in connection with the investigation Solomenskiy police Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in Kyiv regarding the circumstances of the disappearance Mukaddas Nasyrlaev“, – stated in the message.

In addition, the University announced an internal inspection.

The institution stated that it did not know what happened with a student from Turkmenistan, however, assured that they will assist law enforcement in investigating the disappearance of Nasyrlaev.

As explained in the University, a student was expelled for violations of migration legislation, since the validity of her visa expired on 17 December 2017. On 18 January, the University announced the termination of the contract with Nasyrlaev on grounds of violation of student immigration laws, January 24, she was a second time personally notified of the signing of the order of dismissal from the University because the situation has not changed, said the University.

We will remind, the police opened a criminal case on the fact of suicide of 19-year-old student of Turkmenistan, which, according to the police, Prugnolo of the bridge Paton.

In capital Prosecutor’s office noted that according to the published information in the media, to this action the girl could push difficulties which had occurred to her while studying at the University, and misunderstandings with his leadership. At the same time in the Turkmen Diaspora, said that the missing January 30, a student at the National medical University Bogomolets, Mukkadas Nasyrlaev jumped from the bridge Paton in Kiev after the Dean refused to give her the application required for renewal of the residence permit in Ukraine.