Dynamo defender won the case in the Peruvian TV presenter

Rookie Dynamo Kiev, Carlos Zambrano has filed a lawsuit against the Peruvian TV presenter Ricardo Zuniga because he hinted at a close relationship with the player, and won it, according to rpp.pe.

In 2016, the journalist became a participant of the program “the Price of truth” with a lie detector. One of the questions was worded like this: “Zambrano Lee invited you to Europe and offered if help with a visa, hinting at a close relationship?” Zuniga answered “Yes” to which the polygraph showed that the answer was truthful.

Later, the footballer denied the situation, accusing the broadcaster of lying and sued him in court.

The court sided with the player and according to his decision, the broadcaster now needs to serve two months imprisonment and to pay a fine in the region of $ 110 to the state Treasury. Also Sengigi have 10 days to appeal the decision.

Recall that Dinamo brought Zambrano in the application season for the Premier League and Europa League matches.

Earlier it was reported that the new Dynamo is suing the Russian club because of debts on a salary.

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