British analyst saw a “double bottom” in U.S. report on Russia

LONDON, 30 Jan – RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. “The Kremlin list” of the U.S. Treasury deducted from the list of billionaires Forbes magazine and the website of the Kremlin, and this is good news for individuals on the list, told RIA Novosti senior analyst at political risk consulting company AKE International Max Hess.

To prepare a similar list to include the leadership of the United StatesYou must immediately to impose sanctions against American officials and businessmenIt should not succumb to this provocation All polls “the Administration (of US President Donald) trump had to submit to Congress three reports concerning Russia: oligarchs and “enterprises with state capital” close to the Kremlin, on the actions in Ukraine and potential sanctions against Russian debt,” explained Hess.

“Although the law requires that the reports were public, the last two, apparently, fully classified, while the first was very unimpressive way: the names of 96 of the oligarchs was copied from the Forbes list of billionaires, as for Kremlin officials, 114 names were taken directly from the website of the Kremlin. Moreover, the administration did not impose restrictive measures in the law – she was asked to choose five out of 12 that can be perceived as her sign to Moscow that she doesn’t want further deterioration in relations, because it can choose the measures that will have little impact compared to the current situation,” — said the expert.

Hess pointed out that of those listed in “the Kremlin list” 96 businessmen “some clearly disagreed with the Kremlin, and assets some of them even were seized”.

“The report’s authors were guided by the criterion that it was necessary to list of Russian businessmen with a fortune above a billion dollars, and not the criterion of their proximity to the Kremlin or their desire to act in the interests of the Kremlin. For example, the list does not included businessmen who, by their own statements, seek to their actions abroad in the interests of the Kremlin. For example, the list does not included Konstantin Malofeev,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Hess indicates that although the USA is aware of much less known but much more “malicious” individuals, they are in “the Kremlin list” is not included, which is a bit better, from his point of view, picture for those who are included in the list.

“However, named in the list of the oligarchs still named the U.S. government as politically biased, leading to increased attention to their actions in the West”, — the expert believes.