Killed bikie prince Mick Hawi fatal error before the assassination

Just 3 km from his house in the southern Sydney suburb of Bexley, the former boss of the powerful Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang was alone.

It was only after 12 noon Thursday. Unbeknownst to Hawi, who had cheated death before, two assassins disguised were lurking.

Whereas once Hawi traveled in armored cars, after a previous attack when the assassins shot at her vehicle in the movement, his luxury four-wheel drive is not believed to have been particularly protected.

The flashy bikie war lord, who favoured suits, and diamonds and jewelry in gold, lived more calmly in these days with his charming wife and children in the suburbs.

Still beautiful, but less striking than in its perfection, as the Comanchero national president, the Beirut-born Hawi believed to have left his life behind in dangerous and life-accumulated wealth.

But the 37-year-old was not completely without fear for his safety.

Usually traveled with a bodyguard detail, three or four great men shadowing him, even on simple trips to the gym.

Mick Hawi wife, Carolina Gonzaelz sent a tribute picture of her husband and herself on Facebook on Friday.

CCTV stil of two men fleeing the scene of Mick Hawi of the Rockdale shooting. Image: NSW Police.

Bullet shells on the ground next to Mick Hawi’s black Mercedes in Rockdale Fitness Firstcar park on Thursday. Image: Toby Zerna.

Mick Hawi at Randwick Racecourse, in 2008, the height of his pwoers as bikie boss.

“Usually comes with its own security guard,” a gym-goer, surprised he had come alone, he told the Daily Telegraph.

Hawi had even tried to keep “under the radar” and may have simply said the wrong thing to the wrong person, the police said Fairfax.

Inexplicably, Hawi also made a final fatal error. He lowered the window seat of his 4WD.

At that moment, a gunman dressed in black and wearing a balaclava moved in close to the right of Hawi car and emptied at least six rounds in his face and neck.

Shot at close range, Hawi immediately immediate, traumatic blood loss and went into cardiac arrest.

Taken on a six-minute drive by ambulance to St George’s Hospital, was declared brain dead hours later, life extinct.

As the police said it was not clear if Hawi was assassinated as a reward for his past sins, or of revenge on the part of an organized crime group for the latest clandestine activity.

“It could be as easy as saying something to the wrong person,” a senior police source told Fairfax.

It was a very different story, at the height of Hawi powers, 2009, when Sydney was in the grip of bikie shootings and fights between rival outlaw groups.

The 28-year-old had all the trappings of success bikie: wealth, power, a beautiful wife, two children and a reputation to cheat death.

As Comanchero president Mick Hawiwas very careful about its safety, travelling in armored cars. Picture: Richard Dobson.

Mick, his wife Carolina and his father Ahmad in 2009.

Ahmad Hawi get to St George Hospital after his son, the Thursday murder.The masked men Seen Near Rockdale Shooting Site of Mick Hawi0:30

A couple of masked men were caught on security camera running near the scene of the shooting of the ex-bikie boss Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi in Rockdale, New South Wales, on the 15th of February. Hawi, a former Comanchero gang’s president, was killed in his car at Fitness First, Rockdale, the parking lot and later died in hospital. The police said the offender fled on Lindsay Street in a car that was then burned on Chandler Street, where this CCTV footage was captured. Credit: NSW Police force via StoryfulFebruary 16, 2018a day ago/display/ Network/National/