In the spring of Denmark may decide to prohibit access to the street in the burqa or niqab

Moscow. 16 Feb. INTERFAX – This spring Denmark can add to the list of European countries where it is officially prohibited to go out in burkas and niqab.

The bill developed by the Ministry of justice, by the end of March will be submitted to Parliament and, as expected, approved, reported the newspaper “Izvestia” in the Danish Parliament.

The authors of the bill does not specifically mention burkas and niqabs – the traditional Muslim garments, in which in the best case, be seen only by the eyes, it is planned to ban all “all the items of clothing that conceals the face”.

This formulation led to a flood of outraged reports in the media and social networks, the authors ironically that soon the ban will get even false beards, and carnival masks. In the end, the Ministry of justice was forced to give explanations to wear masks for Halloween and hats with scarves in colder weather, the new law will not interfere.

The penalty for violation of the law will be 1000 Danish kroner ($168) and ten times more, if the offender is caught again.

Bans on the wearing of cloaks and other concealing face accessories now are found in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, German Bavarian, the Italian region of Lombardy and the Swiss Canton of Ticino, and since last autumn in Austria, the newspaper reminds.

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