Biathlon at the Olympics-2018: Online broadcast of the women’s mass start 12.5 km

Today in South Korea’s Pyeongchang will host the women’s mass start at 12.5 km competition starts at 13:15, Kyiv time.

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This race is one of the last at the Olympics, where Ukraine hopes for medals. Before the fight for the podium was for the Ukrainian sportsmen and sportswomen unsuccessful.

From Ukraine in the race will involve two women,

12. Vita Semerenko

15. Valya Semerenko

The race is also planned participation of Yulia Jima, at least with certainty about this stated the head of the biathlon Federation Vladimir Brynzak, but in the end Jim was not qualified for the mass start. More detail about this situation here.

In the overall world Cup standings in this discipline Valya Semerenko is a 12-th position, Vita Semerenko is on the 16th place.

The race starts on 17 February at 13:15 in Kiev. To watch biathlon at the Olympics-2018 on channel NTU.