The ex-mayor Turecka Sleptsov summoned an ambulance and moved the meeting

In court to the former mayor of Terezka Vladimir Sleptsov, who has previously refused the exchange and movement of militants in the occupied territory, came the carriage of an emergency, after which the judge decided to postpone the meeting, reports “Gromadske”.

The ex-head of Terezka said that he is constantly in the hospital for inpatient treatment and leave the facility only for the period of trial.

The Prosecutor in the case seeks to capture Sleptsova into custody.

The prosecution insists that there is a risk that blind people can put pressure on the witnesses, and can escape to uncontrolled areas.

The meeting held behind closed doors for almost a year – it sought protection Sleptsova.

Earlier it was reported that the blind during the procedure of exchange of hostages “hidden” in the bus for journalists and returned it to Kiev-controlled territory.

We will remind, Sleptsova suspected of committing criminal offenses under part 1 article 258-3 (“Participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization”) and part 2 of article 110 (“Encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine”) criminal code of Ukraine. According to investigators, the blind is associated with the organization and conduct of on-site Turecka (formerly Dzerzhinsk) illegal a referendum on the proclamation of state independence of the terrorist organization “DNR”. Until December 27, Sleptsov was in jail previously Turecki city Council has expressed his disbelief.

Note, in the framework of the exchange held on 27 December, the militants handed over 233 people, who in turn released 74. One of the hostages, who lives in the occupied Donetsk, after his release, he expressed a desire to remain in the ORDO.