“Don ‘T use to sell showgirls, roof tiles’

De Zeen

One of the UK’s largest exhibitions of the industry-the issuing of a new code of conduct on the use of the “promo girls”.

Last year, UK-construction-week in Birmingham’s NEC, criticism on the use of skimpily clad women, to the employees of the Exhibitor’s stall.

It featured Las Vegas-style showgirls selling roofing products.

The criticism of sexism has grown in the economic and sports events, the following Financial Times’ report in the President’s Club ball last month.

To decorate since then, promoters of the Dart-Europe said championship and the formula One have that you can use scantily clad young women in their events.

But some sectors are still with women in revealing outfits.

Last week, it emerged some of the women working at the ICE Totally Gaming event were wearing “little more than bathing suits,” while the men wore fine suits.

Others claim the practice is an integral part of the way they do things.’Hot pants’

UK Construction Week attracts more than 600 exhibitors and draws more than 35,000 people each year in October.

To win the industry in the last few years, campaigns, highlighting the diversity of the industry and the strategies being used by women in the building trades, in order to plug gaps.

The sight of the girl show in October 2017 event prompted a visitor to the show, to ask: “How many hot pants do you need?”

Now, the show is the introduction of guidelines for diversity, equality and Integration, and a code of conduct for exhibitors, including on the design and occupation of the stands, as well as the clothing.

It also warns that, if an Exhibitor on his stand topic, inappropriate, or non-compliance with the equality, diversity and inclusion policy, you may not be permitted to open your stand at the event.

The new guide calls for the exhibitors to “Consider the mix of employees you have on the stand (age, gender, origin, etc.). To explain, they represent the diversity in your company and if not, be ready, why?”

Nathan Garnett, event director UK construction week, said the BBC, the Las Vegas-themed booth was a one-off: “We had standard guidelines. We understand that it was a mistake, but we have turned it into a positive.

“The company in question and apologized for what happened. The theme of the “Why play?” but it went too far.”‘Laddish’

A growing number of events and the way they treat women is getting closer to be x-rayed.

The annual show for the international real estate industry, Mipim, in Cannes each year, is facing accusations of a sexist and male-dominated event.

Several women I have spoken have described the event as “uncomfortable” and “laddish”, with a tradition of heavy drinking at parties on yachts and in hotels.

Local sex-workers allegedly the conference, the Twitter hashtag, in order to attract customers, at the event last year, but a spokesman for the Mipim strong allegations, denied that the prostitute had actually attended the conference last year.

He said: “Under no circumstances Mipim prostitutes register” at the event.