Trump has dedicated his weekly address to the nation on crime and immigration

The President said that due to loopholes in the legislation in the country of criminals to penetrate

The US President Donald trump on Sunday delivered a weekly address to the nation on the fight against organized crime and border security.

“This week, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, employees of bodies of internal security and the legislators joined me in the White house to discuss the terrible threat to our cities violent gang MS-13,” – said the President.

According to trump, “glaring gaps” in the U.S. laws enable criminals and gang members to infiltrate the United States. As an example the President cited the practice whereby, in accordance with applicable law, unaccompanied minors detained while crossing the border are released and fall into the American community.

“For them it’s so simple, because the laws are bad and need to be changed, – said trump. This loophole can easily use the gang MS-13, which acts, at least 40 States.”
“In addition to MS-13, many other bands regularly enter our country due to the fact that our laws are so weak,” the President added.

“At the roundtable, which took place this week, we learned about the history of one family, who lives right here in Washington. They had been in his house the man who began to recruit their youngest son in MS-13. When the mother of the boy tried to stop it, the bandit shot her in the head, causing her to go blind for life. Fortunately, she survived, but paid a very high price”, – told the trump.

Trump recalled that in the recent report “the state of Affairs in the country” he called on Congress to immediately close “dangerous loopholes” in Federal legislation that pose a threat to American cities and put a huge burden on American taxpayers.

“My administration has identified three main priority to create a safe, modern and based on the principles of legality in the immigration system: full protection of the borders, ending chain migration and the abolition of the visa lottery. Chain migration is a disaster, and (it is) very unfair to our country. The visa lottery are generally not allowed to enter. People participate in the lottery and come to our country. What is this system?”– indignantly said the President.

The time has come when Congress should take measures to protect Americans, said trump. “Every member of Congress should stand on the side of law enforcement, on the side of the American people. That’s the way it should be,” said the President.