The Citroen C4 and C4 Cactus to combine in a single model

The Citroën C4 Cactus and C4 merge together in a model for the next generation of cars, with a deadline of 2021, as the French manufacturer is looking to rationalise its product line-up.

While the crossover in the style of the C4 Cactus has just received a facelift, the production of the more conventional C4 sedan has stopped and Citroen product boss Xavier Peugeot, said his replacement would incorporate the C4 Cactus. That means that Citroën will have only one model of a family saloon C-segment, which includes rivals such as the Peugeot 308, the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Citroën C4 Cactus review

Peugeot said: “We need to reduce our line-up of eight silhouettes [as required by Citroën’s parent company PSA boss Carlos Tavares], so one of these models. The C4 and C4 Cactus are converging into one”.

Asked why the C4 Cactus had won the C4, he said: “it is more in line with Citroën positioning. We want to position ourselves differently [to other brands] and the C4 Cactus is the strongest basis for it.”

Since that will be on sale in 2014, the C4 Cactus has sold the C4 in Europe.

Peugeot has said that the development of the new model that was already started. If the car maintains the ‘Cactus’ is the name or revert to simply be ‘C4’ depends on the success of the new C4 Cactus model. “If this car is a strong success, the name of the Cactus could become iconic,” Peugeot said, suggesting that it would then make sense to keep the name for future generations.

He still does not know if the next generation of the C4/C4 Cactus would keep slightly higher, quasi-SUV styling of the current C4 Cactus. However, he recognized that the updated model had deliberately been made to look less SUV-like: “We need to remove some of the SUV markers on it because it became too much as the C3 Aircross. We wanted to reduce the SUV elements and make it more like a sedan, but our research shows buyers interested in the crossover are also interested in this car, too.”

Peugeot also expressed his desire to continue to make cars that polarize buyers to obtain the automaker goal to be different to its rivals. He believed that the original C4 Cactus has been polarizing and expected the survey to do the same: “I believe that this car will continue to polarize, even if a little less than the last. I like this because I believe Citroën has to challenge the norm. There should be a little ‘ more of the level of aversion compared to a normal car.”

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