Media reported that the Deputy Director of the FBI McCabe was fired, not resigned voluntarily

WASHINGTON, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. First Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe was fired and did not leave his post voluntarily, told television channel Fox News, citing sources.

Republicans and President Donald trump criticized McCabe for potential conflict of interest due to his connections with the Democratic party.

According to TV channel, McCabe went on vacation, from which he will not return until his retirement in March. Thus, to work with the FBI he is no more.

Trump complained in Twitter that McCabe’s wife got 700 thousand dollars from the allies of Hillary Clinton were unsuccessful in the election campaign to the legislative Assembly of the state of Virginia.

McCabe is not the first FBI agent who was having friction with trump.

The investigation against trump on the subject of alleged links with Russia, which deny as the White house and the Kremlin, was led by FBI Director James Comey until 9 may 2017 trump has not dismissed him because of “loss of confidence”. According to the President, he never asked for Komi to close the investigation. Spectaculorum later investigation “Russian interference” in the U.S. presidential election in 2016, was appointed the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Komi in the press hinted that trump asked him to stop the investigation and dismissed, having been refused. But Komi has refused to confirm these leaks at a public hearing in Congress.