In Moldova comes into force a ban on Russian news programs

CHISINAU, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti. The ban on broadcasting in Moldova news, information and analytical programs of Russia comes into force on Monday, according to the website of the coordination Council on television and radio of the country.

In December, the Moldovan Parliament re-adopted by the President Igor Dodon, the law against “foreign propaganda”, including alleged Russian. It prohibits the broadcast of television and radio programs with informational, analytical, military and political contents that are produced in countries that have not ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television. Stream other programs are allowed.

“The law comes into force after 30 days from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of Moldova, February 12,” — said in published on the website of the coordinating Council reported.

Until February 9 the broadcasters had to submit for approval by the Council to the General concept of a program complex under the new model, and software distributors to provide notification of changes.

For violation of the law face a fine of 40-70 thousand lei (2,35 thousand and 4.1 thousand dollars), for repeated violation — from 70 to 100 thousand lei (4.1 thousand to 5.9 thousand dollars). Revocation of the broadcasting licence for violation of the law “applies only after the consistent application of sanctions” in the form of fines.

The law was approved by the speaker of the Parliament of Moldova Andrian CANDU with the permission of the constitutional court, contrary to the opinion of the President of the Republic. According to opinion polls, most citizens of Moldova voted against the ban in the Republic of Russian news and analytical programs.

Earlier, the Russian Duma adopted a statement “On inadmissibility of discrimination of Russian media in Moldova”. MPs expressed outrage at the new law and urged the UN, the Council of Europe and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe to give it a rating. The Parliament of Moldova, in response, condemned “the attacks of Russia on the national information security and offensive interference in the political activities of the Republic.”