I pity the fool who doesn’t love curling

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Every four years, the UK goes mad for curling at the Winter Olympics, but this year he has a new fan.

Mr. T has been entertaining his followers on Twitter with his comments on the sport.

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The ex-wrestler may best be known for his time on the Team in the 1980s, but he is winning people over with his passion for the curling star hotel in Pyeongchang.

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Mr T is American and has been very vocal about the pride he feels for his national team, but it seems that he is happy to watch one that is in competition when it comes to curling.

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Using #curlingiscoolfool he rallied the Twitter troops, and is repping curling in a big way.

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Rob is on board, for sure.

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It seems the same, as Mr. T might have a go at the sport itself.

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Get training Mr. T – we root for you to 2022 to Beijing!

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As you have said.

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