The Soviet school mentoring decided to revive

A mentoring system should be revived in modern Russia, said Deputy head of the presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko, at the opening of the forum “Mentor”. It is reported by TASS on Tuesday, February 13.

“This competition (“Best practice mentoring” ), this forum and all the support system, mentoring needs to become permanent and to bring great results for thousands and thousands of boys and girls who without your help simply can not find themselves in life,” said Kiriyenko, referring to the participants.

According to him, computer programs and technology are not able to transmit ideological orientation: “All the same knowledge skills, especially values, are passed from person to person.” He also emphasized that a good mentor can not be “because of official duties or on order for material incentives”.

February 9, communications Director of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Igor Karachyn reported that applications for participation in the business program of the forum gave more than ten thousand people. In particular, the event of interest employees of the largest public corporations, Federal and regional authorities, project leaders, students and media representatives from all regions.

In mid-January, Kiriyenko, announcing a new competition, said that the mentoring system was very well developed during the Soviet years, and now undeservedly forgotten.

The forum “Mentor” will be held from 13 to 15 February at ENEA. The forum is held the all-Russian competition “Best practices in mentoring”, which is aimed at improving the role and status of teachers in modern Russia.