Logan Paul ‘is not kicked-off” – YouTube

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Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has not yet done enough to earn a ban on video Website, whose chief executive, said.

Paul’s criticism in January following the release of a video in which he jokes, after he connected with a dead body in a Japanese forest, with many suicides.

YouTube then you cut some of your business relationships with the star.

It is also a dead rat punished him, according to a subsequent video in which he Tasered.

Paul has for the two videos.

YouTube usually bans a video creator, under a “three-strike” policy – and that includes things like copyright infringement or violence.

“He has not done anything that would lead to these three strikes,” Susan Wojcicki told a conference audience in California, according to The Verge.

“We can’t offend the only people out of our platform … you need to against a Directive. We need to be consistent [rules]. This is like a code of the law”.

She added that, while some people might think that a particular video is “tasteless”, others might not agree.’Celebrities’ star

“YouTube is very slow and to do reluctantly, everything is useful,” said Alex Brinnand from the magazine TenEighty, whose goal is YouTube creators.

“Logan Paul is in such a prominent position in the YouTube community, he has a responsibility, and he must own and understand.”

A different, but also very popular vlogger Casey Neistat interviewed YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl this week about how the Website manages the content created by members of the public.

Mr Neistat claimed that the YouTube model is meant, essentially, that “drama rewarded, ultimately, the Dollar”.

In response, Mr Kyncl told the Website was looking for was to think “very deeply” about disincentivising the Creator, the drama “for the sake of views”.

Another YouTube star, Arya Mosallah, apologized recently after he was accused of uploading a prank video in the Form of an “acid attack”.

However, at the time, he added, “you have to cross borders to the views”.

Youtubers often young people “to rush each other”, without strict guidelines about what is appropriate content and what is not, said Mr. Brinnand.

“It is this competition for the wildest and most get the most views,” he told the BBC.

“I can see how you got carried away.”