Klitschko: In the priorities for this year are medicine, education and infrastructure

Among the priority directions of the development which will be channeled considerable funds in the capital this year – in education and health care, upgrading and construction of urban infrastructure. The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said in the air of TV channel “Kiev“, reports the press service of the mayor.

“We got Kiev with a huge debt of almost 27 billion hryvnias! Over the years, we have reduced debt by more than half. And we almost doubled the budget of the city. Three years ago, he was 27 billion, and the estimate for this year is almost 50. Finally we have the financial ability to implement the changes. We need to Fund healthcare, education, to rebuild the infrastructure that is in disrepair,“ – said Klitschko.

In particular, the mayor said that the funding for these three priority areas has significantly increased in the past year. In education the city continues to Finance the construction and repair of schools and kindergartens. “Three years ago, the turn in kindergartens was 15 thousand children. We are now in three times reduction of turn. But our task is not to slow down the pace. And I am convinced that the turn in kindergartens in Kiev a few years should not be. It is our task“, – said the capital’s head.

Continue the Metropolitan government and the upgrade of urban infrastructure. In particular, major repairs of roads of Kiev. So, last year in the capital of the restored 300 kilometres of roads and driveways, and this year plan to repair no less.

“Last year we overhauled a total of 302 km of roads, this year the plan is in any case not to reduce the rate of repair. And the same number – about 300 kilometers we will do in 2018 “, – said the mayor.

Besides, Klitschko has noticed that in the capital, about 70 bridges are in urgent need of repair and more than 20 000 kilometres of utilities and pipes, the city has not changed and is not repaired in the last 30-40 years, in need of updating. And the city will pay attention to this problem.

Also, according to Klitschko, the plans for 2018 to replace the carriages of the funicular, which has more than 50 years, new and modern with air conditioning, Wi-Fi. Also, the city plans to open the updated artists ‘ Alley and to update the Landscape alley, to build a pedestrian bridge that will connect the Vladimir hill and the Arch of Friendship of peoples.

The mayor recalled that the building was saved and transferred to communal property of the legendary stadium Start, the reconstruction of which is planned to start also this year. “We will open new schools, kindergartens, upgrade roads and infrastructure that will change our city. And our task is to make a European capital of Kiev “, – he concluded.