Fiat 500X sale diving prompts price drop and spec update

Sales of the Fiat 500X fell by two thirds in 2016, prompting Fiat to usher in a series of optimizations to the small SUV for the year 2018.

In 2016, the brand sold 14,224 examples for the model, but this fell to 4814 in the year 2017, a collapse of 66%.

In response, the Fiat 1.3-Liter Multijet diesel has cut off engine from the 500X line-up, leaving the remaining four engines: the 1.4-Liter Multiair and 1.6-Liter E-torQ gasoline and the 1.6-Liter and 2.0-Liter Multijet Diesel.

Prices are falling across the range, with the range-topping 2.0-Liter Cross-model under £1400. An increase of £120 has been applied to bottom-of-Pop trim, however.

In addition to the higher-spec Lounge and Cross Plus trim levels have been trimmed from the line-up, exit Pop, Pop Star, the mirror and the cross.

Cross adds more rugged styling and the range-topping 2.0-Liter engine.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are now standard across the line, while the 5.0 in infotainment touch screen that has been upgraded to a 7.0 in the unit.

Explanation of the sections, a Fiat spokesman said: “in the year 2018, the 500X range includes more connectivity as standard. Prices and trim levels for the entire model range has been streamlined, simplifying the offer for the customer.”

In the past year, the decline in sales was unexpected for Fiat, the 500X is the only SUV in the brand’s line-up in the middle of the SUV market boom, while the 500 sold continues to be strong despite the mild Europe-wide decline of the city-car market.

It is also likely that the 500X range has been tailored to accommodate the upcoming WLTP to be tested for fuel consumption and emissions test procedure, in which each spec for a model must separately.

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