At the Olympics in Korea recorded its first positive doping test.

At the Olympics in South Korea from a Japanese competitor has recorded a positive doping test. On it informs edition USA Today.

It is noted that in the sample of 21-year-old Japanese skater on the short track Kay Saito was found Smoking the drug.

Inbox: First case registered by the CAS Anti-doping Division in Pyeongchang— Joshua Hoyos (@JoshuaHoyos) February 13, 2018 По данным издания, руководство национального олимпийского комитета Японии намерено во вторник, 13 февраля, созвать пресс-конференцию, чтобы официально объявить о положительной пробе. Сообщается, что этот случай стал первым в истории японского спорта на зимних Играх. О нем стало известно поздно вечером в понедельник, 12 февраля.   Сайто, который находится в резерве японской команды на 5000-метровой ледовой дистанции, будет исключен из соревнований.   Напомним, Россия лишилась 13 медалей зимних Олимпийских игр 2014 года в Сочи после расследования допинг-скандала. 

On 1 February the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the appeal 28 the Russian athletes at the IOC decision, which was banned from the Olympics. Also, the Russian Olympians have returned the number of medals won in Sochi in 2014 and selected for the background doping scandal.

The court came to the conclusion that in respect of 28 Russian athletes “not enough evidence” about his involvement in the doping scheme.

Earlier, the IOC had suspended the national team from the winter Games in 2018 in South Korea. It was reported that to go to the Olympics can only unnoticed in doping athletes, but only under a neutral flag without the emblem of his country on the sports form.