Yarmolenko about the injury: the Month will be around on crutches

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder Andriy Yarmolenko, who was injured and was out for a few weeks, shared exclusive details on the severity of the resulting damage and recovery time.

“Accurate diagnosis with all the medical details, I can not name. Came off the bench, played about three minutes and absolutely harmless episode collided with the defender. Got the ball, went to stroke and immediately felt something wrong. But the match went on. Then I watched this moment repeat – there is nothing such was not.

The best goal of the first round of the Bundesliga, which was Packed with transfer Yarmolenko

After a survey found that on the heel withdrew some tissue, but the Achilles wasn’t severed. In the end, on the foot I wore special boots – a month will have to move with crutches. How then will need time to rehab, we can not yet say. It will be seen“ – quoted Yarmolenko Team No. 1.

Earlier it was reported that the young talent will play Dynamo number Yarmolenko.

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