The protesters blocked the entrances to PP “shehyni” and “Rava-Russkaya”

In the Lviv region on Saturday, 3 February, protesters blocked the entrances to the checkpoint “shehyni” and “Rava-Ruska”. This was reported in the press service of the State fiscal service in the field in Facebook.

“Before the checkpoint “shehyni – Medica” and “Rava-Russian-Crest” continue the protest action of citizens. The movement of vehicles temporarily slowed down, from time to time by them pass in both directions”, – stated in the message.

Together with it the Deputy of the Lviv city Council, Igor Zinkevich wrote in Facebook that the protesters are dissatisfied with the law on the new procedure of crossing the border. According Zinkevych, in the area of these checkpoints are about 20 protesters.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine regarding the balance of budget revenues in 2018,” December 8, 2017. December 30, the law was signed by President Petro Poroshenko.

In accordance with the provisions of the new law, every Ukrainian will be able to obtain without payment of additional fee of not more than three parcels a month, and the cost of each should not exceed 150 euros. Beginning with the fourth parcel, such shipments will be subject to tax, duty and excise.

The fee will be 20% of the cost of the goods. The leaders of some of the postal services said that decisions taken by the Rada to restrict the import of goods and parcels from abroad are controversial and may not yield results.

The limit value of the parcel is 150 euros, but the number of packages is not limited.