Shokina daughter is going to sue Biden

Daughter of ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Alina, who is a U.S. citizen intends to sue the ex-Vice-President Joe Biden for insulting relatives. Earlier, Biden admitted that he was involved in the dismissal of one of the attorneys General, calling him a “son of a bitch”. Such intentions to his daughter on the lawsuit Shokin confirmed up.

“I know she’s going to do it,” – said Shokin.

To the question whether she consulted with him when he decided to sue, Shokin said:

“She’s an adult, adult man, 40 years old, she has personal opinions. She was struck by the fact that the mention of her deceased grandmother. Father a matter, but grandmother! So he disgraced her, this Biden that she decided to take such a decision,” – said Shokin.

Previously, a Twitter user with the nickname alina_oneworld wrote:

“He thought about the situation with the speech of the former Vice-President Biden, in which he publicly spoke about insulting my dead grandmother and my father. Given that it concerns my family, I plan to go to court to protect the dignity of my family and demonstrate high principles of the equality of all American citizens before the law,” she said.

As reported, speaking on 23 January at the Council on foreign relations in Washington, Biden, criticizing Ukraine for insufficient, in his opinion, reforms and fight against corruption, told how one day, being in Kiev, got fired within hours of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, whom he called “son of a bitch”. However, Biden did not name the attorney General.

“I went to the press conference and said we don’t give you a billion dollars. They tell me: you do not have such authority, you are not the President (USA), the President said that he would give. And I told them: call to him. I said that you don’t get a billion dollars. I said, I go through six hours, and if your attorney General will be fired by the time you get the money. And that son of a bitch was fired. And in his place put someone to trust,” said Biden.