No case of domestic violence will not remain without response from the state, – Irina Lutsenko

All manifestations of domestic violence no longer remain a problem behind closed doors, and become a matter of the state level. It on a press-conferences in news Agency “UKRINFORM”, said MP Iryna Lutsenko and the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

“At the end of last year the Verkhovna Rada were adopted, and at the beginning of this year the President has signed the bills to counter and criminalize domestic violence and to increase accountability for willful failure to pay child support. We start at the state level to work with those who perpetrate violence against loved ones, evades content their child,” – said at a press conference Irina Lutsenko.

The new laws are designed to combat all manifestations of domestic violence. These now include not only physical and sexual violence, but also psychological and economic, one of which is child support.

“The focus on priority child protection. Child witness of violence is considered the injured party. We are expanding the circle of people, a violence which qualifies as a home. It’s not only family members, which are painted and are married. That and people who are no longer married, they are also guaranteed additional protection”, – said Irina Lutsenko.

“If the application is submitted to the court the victims of domestic violence, it can in no way be closed and withdrawn. Must be a reaction. Police upon receipt of the signal about domestic violence have the right to enter the premises, to grant a restraining order protecting the victim from the abuser. The victim of domestic violence are provided with appropriate status, the opportunity to move to another place, and the offender must undergo a correctional program,” – said the Deputy.

According to Irina Lutsenko, the logic of the new laws provide comprehensive protection for victims of domestic violence and irreversible actions against the offender from correctional programs to administrative and criminal liability, depending on the duration and type of violence.

In addition, Irina Lutsenko and Pavlo Petrenko has told about new legislative initiatives aimed at protecting children.

“Ready for second reading a bill on combating the sexual exploitation of children, which significantly increases criminal liability for such actions. The Ministry of justice registered a bill on the full implementation of the provisions Lanzarotta the Convention providing for the guarantee of the state from sexual exploitation, abuse and use the child as a subject of trade. Drafted the bill on juvenile justice, which provides for changing the system of rules how to work and correct the behaviour of minors and juvenile offenders, with the aim of humanization and prevent recurrence,” – said Irina Lutsenko.

The press conference also announced the bills on tax refund parents spending on extra-curricular development of the child and the pension protection of parents caring for critically ill children.