Burnt in Kazakhstan bus with Uzbek citizens traveling to Russia

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. The bus with citizens of Uzbekistan, going to Russia, burned on Thursday on a highway in Central Kazakhstan, victims of tragedy of steel 52.

Only five people managed to escape from fire and panic of the bus. The exact cause of the fire is not yet known.

The incident occurred in the morning at about 10.30 local time (08.30 GMT) at 1068-kilometer highway Samara-Shymkent — 10 km from the village of Kalybai. As reported by the Committee of emergency situations, Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, 52 people were killed on the spot, managed to escape.

All the victims, according to preliminary data, were citizens of Uzbekistan who were sent to work in Russia, but were they to Samara or any other city at the time of publication has not been established. Among the survivors were three drivers who are citizens of Kazakhstan and two citizens of Uzbekistan.

As reported RIA Novosti, the head medical-preventive Department of Department of health of Aktobe region Asiya Terranova, hospitalization they didn’t need the three there was no damage, two — burns mild.

The bus company “Ikarus” was registered in South Kazakhstan region, which borders with Uzbekistan and the administrative center of which was the starting point of Shymkent.
The reason is not established

Such a large number of victims inevitably attaches particular importance to a thorough investigation of the causes of the incident.

“About the reasons of ignition of the bus too early. None of the versions can not be confirmed or refuted until the relevant expertise”, — said the representative of the Committee of emergency situations (CoES) of Kazakhstan Ruslan Imankulov.

The authorities have created a special government Commission that will deal not only the investigation, but will assist the victims and families of victims. Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and CoES Kazakhstan has opened a “hot line”, respectively, (+998 71) 147-10-50, (+998 71) 212-67-00 and +7 7132 56-29-62, +7 7132 56-68-8.

The survivors themselves have not yet commented publicly on the incident. According to Kazakh media, the bus started to panic, which made it difficult to evacuate from the transport, and the five survivors escaped through Windows and doors, however official confirmation of this version does not.

The Consul and the staff of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan went to the scene of the tragedy in Aktobe oblast.

“In the Irgiz district (Aktobe region of Kazakhstan — ed.) is immediately sent to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan to assist on the spot”, — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek emergencies Ministry is preparing to fly from Tashkent aircraft with specialists from the Ministry, doctors and staff of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The Secretariat of the collective security Treaty (CSTO), dealing with security issues in the region, expressed his condolences in connection with tragedy.

“The CSTO Secretariat and the Permanent Council of the CSTO has expressed deep condolences on the tragic deaths of 52 people in a car crash of a passenger bus in Irgiz district of Aktobe oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Express words of support and sympathy to the families of the victims and wish speedy recovery to the injured”, — stated in the message of the organization.

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