May announces formation deals with China

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Theresa May has announced that new educational links with China, as it arrives, for a three-day visit to promote trade and investment, after Brexit.

The initiative includes the expansion of a math teacher-exchange program and a campaign to promote English language learning in China.

The British Prime Minister, has claimed that her visit to “intensify the Golden era in UK-China relations”.

But, she emphasized, China, free, and fair trade practices must adhere to.

In an article for the Financial Times prior to their arrival, she acknowledged that London and Beijing do not see “eye-to-eye” on a number of issues and she promised to concerns from the UK and the industry about the over-production of steel and the protection of intellectual property against piracy.
“Two great Nations”

Other issues likely to be discussed include North Korea and climate change. It is not clear whether they belong to human rights in Hong Kong.

Mrs May, who held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, travels to the top of a 50-member business delegation, including BP and Jaguar Land Rover, as well as small businesses and universities, such as Manchester and Liverpool.

Your first stop will be in Wuhan in Central China is home to the largest number of students of any city in the world.

The educational offer includes:
An extension of a math teacher-exchange program for a further two years until 2020, in which about 200 teachers of English to visit in China
Joint training of pre-school staff in the UK and China
Better sharing of information about vocational education and training
The introduction of an “English is great” campaign to promote English language learning in China
Education-deals worth more than £550, it is claimed, will create 800 jobs in the UK

Mrs May said, new contracts on your trip would help ” to share so that more children and more young people than ever before are your ideas about our two great Nations,” to ensure, to endure that “our Golden era of cooperation for generations to come”.
Foreign adventures do not cover Brexit background is Can
Could join the UK really is TPP?

During the three-day trip, Mrs may is expected to focus on the expansion of existing partnerships rather as a framework for analysis of new post-Brexit-offers.

She said she expects China to play a “major role” in the economic development of the world, adds: “I want the future to work for the UK, that is why, during my visit, I will deepen cooperation with China on major global and economic issues that are important to our company, to our people and to what the Kingdom stands for.”

They confirmed that their agenda “is not supplied, during a visit: it is our common goal in the coming years”.Hong Kong relates to

But she added: “I am confident that, like China, cooperation and commitment will ensure your growing role on the global stage provides only for China but for Britain and the world.”

In a statement before the visit of the Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman said in Beijing saw the woman Can travel, as a “an opportunity to the new development of the China-UK global comprehensive strategic partnership”.

But the question of whether the United Kingdom had achieved his goal to be China’s closest partners in the West, he replied: “the cooperation can always be improved. As if China and the United Kingdom have can to the closest of partners, we will have to wait and see how the Prime Minister Can play the visit this time.”


In the last few years, the two countries have celebrated a Golden era in UK-China relations.

China has signaled its desire to invest in high-profile UK infrastructure projects including the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Hinkley Point, although his participation has increased concerns, some national security.

The British trade with China increased by 60% since 2010 and in the United Kingdom, the Ministers are expected to use the trip to emphasize that the UK remains a “great place to do business”, after it leaves the EU next year.

The UK has said it will give priority to the negotiation of free trade agreements with important trading partners such as the United States, Australia, and Canada, after it leaves the EU in March 2019.

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom said it would not exclude membership in the Trans-Pacific partnership free-trade zone, whose members include Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, and is considered by many as a counter-weight to Chinese influence in the region.


Lord Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, urged Mrs May to use the visit to private what he says, is the steady erosion of the freedoms and rights in the former British colony in recent years.

Hong Kong.the different legal autonomy under the terms of the handover to China in 1997

In a letter to the PM, Mr Patten and ex-Lib dem leader Lord Ashdown, said his residents need the assurance that the UK’s growing business ties with China would not “at the expense of our obligations to you”.