In the United States believe that Russia “successfully infiltrated” the electoral system in some States

This was stated by a senior official of the Ministry of homeland security Janet Manfre

U.S. intelligence officials said Wednesday that Russia was able to “successfully penetrate” to the voter registration system in a small number of States in 2016.

Janet Manfre responsible for cybersecurity in the homeland security USA, told NBC News that the objectives of Russia was 21 state, “in a very small number of them” had indeed been breached.

The Ministry had previously informed that 21 state that Russia was trying to hack into their electoral system before the elections of 2016.

It Manfra first told the Senate Committee on intelligence in June last, when that these States were the target of Russian hackers on the eve of elections.

Earlier it became known that hackers have infiltrated the systems of voter registration in Arizona and Illinois. A number of other States, including Alabama, California, Colorado, Wisconsin and Florida confirmed that they were attacked.

Officials told NBC that there is no evidence that the voter lists were made any changes.

The Department of homeland security formally notified electoral authorities in these States that they were attacked. Officials said that in most cases had revenge only a preparation for the break-ins, in particular, the search for vulnerabilities.

Jay Johnson, who headed the Ministry during the Russian invasion, told NBC that “2016 became the “first call” and now the States and the Federal government has the responsibility to do something in this regard before our democracy is completely new attack.”

“We were able to establish that scanning and probing databases for voter registration came from the Russian authorities,” said Johnson.

According to the American intelligence community, these steps were part of a broader effort of Moscow to intervene in the U.S. presidential election.

The affected system was not related to the counting of the votes.

This information has caused a wide concern that Russia or other foreign entity, perhaps looking for opportunities to interfere in the elections in the future through cyber attacks and other tactics.

Secretary Rex Tillerson warned on Tuesday that Russia tries to intervene in the coming of this year’s midterm elections in the United States.

However, in a recent interview with The Hill Manfra stated that she was not aware of any credible efforts related to the midterms of 2018, though this threat remains a cause for concern.

“I’ll always be worrying about it. Different actors will always try to influence our democratic process, she said. – As a country, we should be able to resist these attempts.”

The Ministry conducts tests on the vulnerability and provides other services to States that seek to strengthen the security of their electoral systems on the eve of future elections in connection with the allotment of voting systems to the critical infrastructure.

DHS also shares information about cyberthreats with the staff of electoral bodies of the States.

In late January, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said he “has every reason to expect” that Russia will try to intervene in the midterm elections.

“I have every reason to expect that they will try to do it,” said Pompeo in an interview with the BBC. – But I am sure that America will be able to hold free and fair elections, and we will provide a strong enough resistance to their influence on our choices was not significant.”