A veteran of the FSB commented on the statement of an Estonian intelligence about Russia

TALLINN, February 9 – RIA Novosti. Estonian foreign intelligence believes that Russia is the only state that could threaten the independence and territorial integrity of the Baltic States, while emphasizing that the likelihood of an attack is small.

“The only danger for the independence and territorial integrity of Estonia and other countries in the Baltic sea region comes from Russia”, — stated in the published Yearbook of the Estonian foreign intelligence Department.

Of the 63 pages of useful text report 56 directly on Russia.

The head of the Department Mikk Marran does not hide his bias against the Eastern neighbor.

“The Estonian security institutions for years talked about how Russia is trying to undermine the unity of the Western world and international credibility,” says Marran in the Preface to the report.

Sergey Krivosheev, a veteran of the Federal security service, the Director of the analytical center VETERANOV gosbezopasnosti Vympel, commented Sputnik Estonia Baltic fears intelligence.

“In the old times Estonians traded on the St. Petersburg market of milk and fish, were surprised by the fact that they can be independent. Russia democratically gave them independence, and now instead of gratitude he gets stories like that about the aggressiveness and plans of attack,” said Krivosheev.

“I do not believe neither the authorities nor the people of the Baltic republics”, — he stressed.

Krivosheev explained the emergence of this kind of messages with the presence of NATO troops in the Baltic States.

“Here and there fake news with links to the intelligence, defense, anything that Russia allegedly can’t sleep at night and going to attack them”, he added.

Earlier Moscow repeatedly stated that it is not interested in escalating confrontations with NATO — in the Baltic region, nor anywhere else. According to foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, NATO is well aware of the absence of Russian plans to attack anyone, but just enjoy the excuse to place more vehicles and battalions near the Russian border.

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