Trump has accused Democrats of treason for refusing to applaud his speech

WASHINGTON, 6 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump speech to the voters in Ohio called the traitorous behavior of the Democrats who did not applaud his speech before Congress.

Trump last week delivered his annual address to Congress. According to tradition, he was applauded by members of the same party-the Republicans, while the Democrats abstained from this. The opposition rarely applauded during the speeches, most often this occurs when the President speaks about the values that unite all Americans.

According to trump, someone called the reaction of the Democrats “traitorous.” “But, yeah, I guess. Why not. Can we call it betrayal? Why not? They are certainly not particularly seem to love our country,” said trump. “They were like death. And quite UN-American, UN-American (behave)”, — he added.

Trump on Monday resumed its harsh criticism of Democrats on all fronts, including the budget and the “Russian investigation” in Congress. Meanwhile, the Republicans and Democrats have until Thursday to agree on another temporary budget, other Federal agencies may again be closed, as happened for three days in January.