The FBI is concerned about the intention of the White house to publish the “Memorandum Nunes»

In a statement the Agency notes the inaccuracies in the document that can influence the course “of the Russian investigation»

The FBI on Wednesday called for objections against any attempts by the White house to make public a secret Memorandum showing, according to Republicans about bias against the President Trump the Federal law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of justice.

In rare for the Federal Bureau of investigation public statement, the Agency expressed deep concern about the correctness of the document and the circumstances that he was not given enough time to consider it.

The objections of the FBI sounded a few hours after the President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, said that he expects that the Memorandum will be very soon made public.

On Tuesday, after his speech to Congress, President trump mentioned one of the lawmakers that the document “one hundred percent” will be published.

The Memorandum became the subject of heated debates in the inter-party struggle about the ongoing investigations of alleged Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016 and a possible collusion between the campaign headquarters trump and Moscow.

Trump and the Russian leadership has consistently denied that the interference and collusion took place.

“The FBI was granted limited opportunity to consider this Memorandum the day before the Committee voted for bringing it public. As stated in our initial review (of a document), we have a deep concern about the gaps in (the statement) of a material that can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the document,” – said in a statement to the FBI.

Later, the head of the house Committee on intelligence Devin Nunes called the FBI concern “far-fetched”.