Four-meter Python swallowed a deer, the eyes of the tourists

MOSCOW, 6 Feb — RIA Novosti. Tourists in Sri Lanka took video four-metre Python that was caught and eat the deer. Inform on it Daily Mail.

Video filmed in late January in a national Park and Bundala on the South coast of the island nation. Snake with a length of 430 cm completely swallowed prey, the meal lasted about 60 minutes.

According to an employee of the Park, such behavior is atypical, because pythons often drop their loot, feeling the glances of people. He also said that a giant snake had eaten for several months.

Bundala national Park is a natural site of international importance. The reserve was 324 vertebrate species, including 32 species of fish, 15 species of amphibians, 48 species of reptiles, 197 species of birds and 32 species of mammals. In addition, Bundle there are 52 species of butterflies and other invertebrates.