The white house is planning to publish the “Memorandum Nunes»

This was stated on Wednesday by the President’s chief of staff John Kelly

The white house is planning to publish the secret document on the Russian investigation, which, according to Republicans, reflects a bias against the FBI and the justice Ministry said Wednesday the President’s chief of staff John Kelly.

“I think the document will be published very soon and then it will be able to see the whole world,” said Kelly in an interview with Fox News, adding it had seen a four-page Memorandum, which is currently studying the White house counsel.

Earlier it became known that the President trump on Tuesday said the legislator-Republican that he was “100 percent” supports the idea to publish secret document on the Russian investigation, which caused a political storm between Republicans, the FBI and the justice Ministry.

“Yes, don’t worry, the President said the member of the house of representatives from South Carolina Jeff Duncan, talking to him in the hall of Congress after his conversion “On the situation in the country.” – 100 percent”.

Before that, Duncan called on trump’s “the Memorandum”.

The conversation was recorded by the camera, when trump came out of the room.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that the administration continues to consult with experts on national security and lawyers and that trump has not yet read the document “as of the evening before treatment and directly after him.”

The document arrived at the White house on Monday evening after Republicans in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives rejected the objections of the Ministry of justice and voted for the publication of a document which allegedly reflected the incidents of unlawful surveillance in the framework of the “Russian case” by the FBI and DOJ. In accordance with the rules of the Committee, the President has five days to oppose the promulgation of the document.

A four-page document was written by the Republicans in the intelligence Committee, led by Devin Onecom, a close associate of trump and an outspoken critic of the FBI and DOJ.

According to Republicans, the document reflects serious concerns about exceeding the intelligence of powers in the investigation of the Russian case. Democrats call it selectively edited compilation of the favorite theses of the Republicans, aimed at diverting attention from its own investigation, carried out by the Committee.

On Tuesday, the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan said he supports the idea of promulgation of the document, but doesn’t want the Republicans used it against spectacular Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian intervention in elections and possible collusion between the campaign headquarters trump and Moscow.

“This is a completely separate thing, unrelated to the investigation, Bob Mueller. His investigation must take its course,” said Ryan, noting that he also supported the Deputy attorney General Kind of Rosenstein, which controls the investigation of Muller.

According to close to the point source, Rosenstein and the FBI Director Christopher ray has warned the White house that publication of the document could set a dangerous precedent.

Rosenstein, and ray expressed his concern about the President’s chief of staff John Kelly to the meeting at the White house on Monday, ahead of the vote in the Committee, said the source, who requested anonymity. Rosenstein also told Kelly that the Memorandum is not an accurate measure of intelligence practices of the FBI.

About the meeting in the White house first told the Washington Post. The FBI and the justice Department declined to comment.

The Ministry of justice last week said that to publish the document without giving it to a preliminary review of the FBI and the justice Department, it would be “extremely irresponsible”.

After that ray provided the document for consideration. Present member of the house of representatives, Republican Trey Gaudi said that the FBI Director did not Express any concern about national security. According to gaudí, the document does not disclose any methods of intelligence, but it reveals the “one source”.

However, according to Democrat Adam Schiff, a senior member of the intelligence Committee, ray Monday told him that the acquaintance with the document did not satisfy his concerns. Ray wanted to tell the Committee about the concerns of the FBI and DOJ prior to publication of the document, but the Republicans on the Committee rejected his request.

On Tuesday, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear, that as soon as the document is published, most likely, will not, saying: “the President had not seen the document, had not received report on its content and not familiar with him.”

According to a senior representative of the White house, an interagency analysis of the document is headed by the national security Council. If trump decides to publish the document, this can be done already on Wednesday afternoon, said an anonymous source.

According to the source, at the moment against the publication of the document appears only the Ministry of justice. The official representative of Department Sarah Isgur Flores on Tuesday refused to comment on the position of the Ministry of justice.

Republicans Express confidence that the disclosure document will not cause damage to national security. They also said that they would not divulge the intelligence on the basis of which the document was created.

“You’ll see that it’s not necessary,” said the Congressman from Texas, Mike Conaway, who heads the investigation into the “Russian case” in the House of representatives.