Pelosi called for a shift Nuñez as head of the intelligence Committee

The leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives is outraged that the legislature changed the text of the secret Memorandum after the vote on its publication

The leader of the democratic minority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi on Thursday urged to displace the Republican Devin Nunes as head of the intelligence Committee, saying that he acted dishonestly by changing the text document on the investigation of the Russian case.

“We have heard information that Congressman Nunez intentionally and significantly altered the content of the document after the Republicans in the Committee thereon voted, wrote Pelosi in a letter to the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan. – This action is not only dangerous, but illegitimate, and violates the rules of the house of representatives”.

The decision to dismiss Nunez’s can only take Ryan. The Committee agreed to publish the document, which stated that the FBI is biased to a President Trump. Ryan supported this initiative.