NI spoke about the US response to the new Russian weapons

MOSCOW, 27 Jan — RIA Novosti. “Violation” by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range, the new Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-500 and the tank “Armata”, as well as the growing threat of attacks with drones determine the need for the United States to build weapons that will surpass the analogues of opponents, writes the National Interest with reference to the Warrior Maven.

In particular, the United States begin work on a self-propelled howitzer, which is different from the weapons of the same class of high speed, and the best degree of protection. The publication notes that the new military equipment is the first step in the creation of weapons of new generation, superior to Russian designs.

As the developers of the new self-propelled howitzer based on existing American ACS М109А7 will be capable of striking enemy targets at a distance up to 70 kilometers.

“Now we have a gun that costs in service since 1980-ies. We are limited in range, and the Russians outnumber us, as it can shoot long distances,” — said major General U.S. army David Bassett.

He also noted that the installation of more powerful artillery requires improved chassis of military equipment.Experts believe that the ability to hit targets at a distance up to 70 kilometers is a significant jump for the artillery. They also argue that this characteristic of the new ACS will put it on a par with ground-based launchers, such as the M270 MLRS.

The publication also stresses that the ground weapons in the modern world are increasingly being developed with the aim of hitting enemy targets such as warships, aircraft and air defenses. For this, according to experts, it is necessary to accurately determine the location of enemy targets, while remaining at a safe distance. In this regard, the American military in the near future intend to modernize and improve the long-range weapon. In particular, the Pentagon is now discussing the possibility of placing ground-based artillery in areas of the South China sea to deter combat ships and aircraft of the PRC. The most powerful army in the world