“It’s business”: Moustache commented on the possible fight with the First

Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Alexander Usik do not believe in the reality of the fight is a rematch with mairis Briedis by, but is willing to spend it if the Latvian team will find sponsors. About this Mustache said in an interview with Maxim Shilin in the framework of the special project “Activities.Interview.112”.

On the question of whether such a possibility as that wants the new agreement, Cirrus announced that free to box not going.

“We need to go forward. Let’s really look at this: how interesting it will be people who are for this fight paid? Well, to all this fight to be done. Free we’re not going to box. If he is the one who will pay for this fight, the amount of which would suit me fine, I’ll poboksirovat still happy with him. He wants that I have arrived to Riga? Come for all I care. It’s business, so let’s… Chute need to be twisted, a little money,” – said the Ukrainian boxer.

We will remind, a week ago, Usyk won the First heavyweight fight on points. In the final of the super series, the Mustache will meet with Russian Murat by Gassieva. The fight will take place in Saudi Arabia in may of this year, at stake is the 4 belts in the heavyweight division and $ 10 million.

The full interview with Oleksandr Usyk read on the morning of 6 February 112.ua.